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mission statement & principles

Our mission is to build an ecosystem of employers that are readily equipped to address substance misuse and or mental health needs of their workforce by adopting recovery-friendly policy and utilizing resources and trainings provided by the Caring Workplaces Initiative.  Thus, becoming recovery friendly and being open to giving fair chance employment opportunities to those who are in recovery and or justice involved.

Call Center

When an employer agrees to become a certified Caring Workplace, they become a part of an ecosystem of support with access to resources customized to their specific needs. Employers will be assigned a Caring Workplaces Employer Coordinator who will guide them throughout the certification process and work alongside leadership within a company, to identify additional customized needs and then match them to resources within their communities. This partnership will result in a more caring and supportive work culture and In turn, the company gains a more healthy and productive workforce.

Support Group


·  A Caring Workplaces Coordinator will connect employers to information and resources that promote health,           well- being and recovery for themselves and their families.

·  A Caring Workplaces Coordinator can connect employers with an additional hiring pool of potential employees              within the recovery and or justice-involved community.

·  A Caring Workplaces employer will connect with their employees by offering a work environment that is                  supportive and promotes the well-being of employees.

A Caring Workplace is all about forging valuable connections.  Connections are made between the Caring Workplaces Coordinator and the employer as well as between employers and their employees.


Patient and Nurse

·  Caring Workplaces Coordinators will work alongside a company’s leadership to provide evidence-based  pr              practices to meet their individual needs.

·  Employers work alongside the Caring Workplaces Coordinator to help strengthen the workplace culture and            make it recovery friendly.  In doing so, employers demonstrate their compassion for their employees and the          health and well-being of their families.

·  Employers are willing to practice compassion by learning to overcome barriers associated with substance               misuse and addiction such as stigma and policy barriers that prevent hiring from the recovery and or justice-          involved pipelines.

A Caring Workplace demonstrates its compassion by recognizing the value of each one of its employees and supporting them and their families by promoting their overall health and well-being.


Group Lecture

·  By creating a recovery friendly environment, employers send a strong message to their communities that they     understand the importance of a solution focused approach by addressing addiction and behavioral health             “head-on”.

·  By connecting to resources provided within the community, Caring Workplaces build relationships that foster       recovery and success.

·  People within a community come to recognize those employers within their communities that invest in                   recovery or justice-involved individuals and thus recognize the company as a true Caring Workplace.  A                 workplace with a heart.

A Caring Workplace understands the importance of community and demonstrates this by connecting to resources within the community and recognizing the value that community  partnership plays in the role of building and maintaining a successful, strong and healthy workforce

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