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Please join us in congratulating B.J. Gott with RiteScreen!

B.J. was recently promoted to the Director of Operations for all of RiteScreen. RiteScreen is a premier manufacturer of screens used in windows and doors and they have been in business for over 75 years. Although B.J. is now Director of Operations for all seven RiteScreen locations across the country, he will thankfully, remain here at the Elizabethton site. B.J. currently sits on the Caring Workplaces Learning Cohort and was the first employer to sign onto the Caring Workplaces. B.J. has been one of this Initiative’s biggest cheerleaders, helping to promote and grow the Caring Workplaces through his participation in everything from promotional videos to speaking engagements, events, and trainings. B.J. lends his voice and his experience and for that, we here at the Caring Workplaces, are so grateful! Please help us in congratulating our friend and cohort member! Congratulations and well deserved B.J.!

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