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Congratulations to Bellafina Chocolates in Kingsport!

They are the latest Caring Workplaces Employer to achieve CERTIFIED status!

Please stop by to support them and their amazing mission.

Bellafina is a proud employer and supporter of women in crisis including those in recovery.  As a non-profit Bellafina has 3 goals; 

  • 1. All profits will go towards charities that support children, 

  • 2. Support Women in Crisis

  • 3. Share God's Love with everyone through all they do. 


The vision of the leadership at Bellafina is to be a launch pad for women who are trying to get back into the workforce.  They believe they can offer a great starting point for women to get back into work and learn to succeed before transitioning to a larger scale employer.  


We are so thankful for our partners like Bellafina and wish them much continued success.  

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